Custom branding + Website design

"My new site has been live for just over 6 weeks. I have tangible results. I have already made my money back in new work booked in.”

“This talented lady has changed my year. Sophie has helped grow my business, re invent my branding, re enthuse the zest for my work, designed a new website that is a great platform for my photography.”

“I truly felt she was an advocate for my business, she worked hard with passion & drive. She took the lead when I needed her to but also allowed my input to be heard, valid & part of the design story.”

“I loved working with Sophie and I love what we created with my new logo, branding & website.” 

Hannah Macgregor Photo + Film

The Brand

What Hannah said of the experience:

The Pain Point

When Hannah approached me about creating a new look for her business, her current branding "Funky Photographers" was outdated, and not representative of the quality of photography she offers. She was embarrassed to send people to her website, as it didn't reflect her photography style and love for her work. She had received minimal enquiries in 3 years so it wasn't generating new business for her. 

The Success Story

Playful, Organic, Relaxed

Main Logo

Within 6 weeks of launching her new brand, Hannah made back the money she had invested in her branding and website design. Within 2 weeks, she had received 11 new enquiries and bookings. Hannah continues to show up daily, using her brand elements to create fun and interactive stories for her followers on social media. On top of this, she has found a new confidence to share her brand story with others. 

Logo Marque

Angela Archer, Tea & Copy - creative copywriting

"If you get the chance to work with Sophie, you definitely should!"

Aimee joy photography

"Sophie is full of life and love for both people and her work"

Diana Saxby, Grace the Day Celebrant

"Sophie's communications were always upbeat and friendly"