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"Three words to describe Sophie Amelia Designs; professional, passionate and precise. Whether you have a specific brief that you need bringing to life or have no idea where to begin, Sophie will work closely with you to make sure your branding and website design authentically reflects you and your business.

Sophie allowed me to be involved throughout the whole process whilst she created the branding and website for my wedding photography business. Any ideas I had were heard, concerns were taken on board and nothing was overlooked. It felt like a joint creation, but one that I could have never achieved on my own!

I was eager for my website to really showcase not only my photography style, but me as a person too. Sophie managed to encapsulate exactly that whilst creating a website and branding that resonates with my ideal clients.

An atmosphere of creativity and excitement flowed throughout our whole time of working together and I will never forget my reaction when I saw the websites first draft… I cried…happy tears!!

Sophie is a true professional. She’s patient, dedicated and effectively communicates every step of the way.

I am so excited that my business’s branding and website now fully reflects the quality of my work and the service that I give. It is now a platform that I am proud of and cannot wait to show off to others!

Thank you Sophie!"

Aimee Joy Photography

The Brand

What Aimee said of the experience:

The Pain Point

When Aimee came to me for a rebrand and website design, I was really thrilled to help her. She had designed her logo and website herself on Wix, however, her website did not perform well on mobile, and she felt she was constantly having to correct it. Another pain area for her was that her stunning instagram feed did not match up with the quality of work portrayed on her website - and so she didn't have the confidence to increase her prices and therefore attract the type of clients she ideally wanted to work with. 

The Success Story

Natural, Relaxed, Romantic

Main Logo

Aimee continues to book the type of clients that she always wanted to attract. Upon launching her website, she increased her pricing for packages, and feels confident with her pricing structure. Her website is also now an expression of her personality, and she is no longer questioned on her pricing. She is able to edit the photographs on her website and direct her clients to information easily. Aimee's brand image now matches with the quality of her photography and offers clients a natural and high-end experience. 

Logo Marque

Angela Archer, Tea & Copy - creative copywriting

"If you get the chance to work with Sophie, you definitely should!"

Aimee joy photography

"Sophie is full of life and love for both people and her work"

Diana Saxby, Grace the Day Celebrant

"Sophie's communications were always upbeat and friendly"