Let’s have a chat with someone who took the plunge

There’s no way around it, I’m afraid. Redesigning your website is a big investment. 

Some people hire a website designer, a copywriter and all kinds of outside help. Others camp-out in their office for weeks-on-end, live off caffeine and takeaways, and do it all themselves. Either way, a new website means a whole lot of time, money, or (usually) both. And unless you absolutely have to, it’s very tempting to just….not!

So will it really be worth it in the end? Will a new website attract better clients, get you more enquiries, make you more profit? Or will you just end up with a prettier, more expensive version of what you already have? 

All good questions! Let’s ask someone who knows firsthand…

My branding and website project with Danny Rizzo

I worked with Danny from Rizzo Films on his branding and website redesign last year. And oh my, what a transformation! 

With bespoke branding, fresh website copy, and a fully-customised version of my Mila Showit template, we gave Rizzo Films one helluva facelift.

Six months on, I’ve been chatting to Danny to find out how things are going. 

You had a website redesign towards the end of 2022. What prompted you to overhaul your website?

The website I had before just didn’t reflect me or my brand. It was a DIY one, so for a start it wasn’t exactly pleasing to the eye! I’d set it up back in the day when I’d just started out, and it felt really clunky! 

It just got to the point where I’d outgrown it, and my work wasn’t being represented properly anymore. Someone recommended Sophie to me, we chatted back-and-forth, and I never looked back. 

What was it like working with Sophie? How did you find the process?

I loved every step with Sophie. Honestly, she’s so great to work with. We jumped on a call after a few emails, and she was so warm and friendly. She really took the time to understand me and my brand thoroughly before she got to work. 

Another thing I appreciated was that she owned the fact she’d never worked with a videographer before (I appreciated the honesty). But I loved how she was super-excited for the challenge. 

She kept me in the loop throughout the whole process, and in the end she did a cracking job! 

How does your new website differ from your old one? Does it look better? Flow better? Convert better?

1000% all of the above! My leads increased dramatically, my conversions went up, and I generally just feel like it’s a much better representation of me and my brand. 

I also get loads of fellow industry peers commenting on how good it looks, which always gives me a little buzz!

Home page before
Home page after redesign

Has there been any noticeable change to the quantity and quality of enquiries you’ve been getting? 

Oh definitely, I’ve seen a huge increase in both enquiries and conversions. 

The quality of enquiries has improved as well. When I have that first call with people, it feels so much easier, like we’re already on the same wavelength. And a lot of that will be down to how my brand is presented in both copy and web design.

People are spending a lot longer on my site now, which shows it’s better to navigate and much more engaging! 

How does it feel sending potential clients to your new website?

I’m no longer embarrassed, for a start! I’m genuinely so proud of how it looks, and I love that it really reflects me and my brand. 

Before, if they were going to be ‘wowed’, I was completely banking on them sticking around and watching the films! Now I know that the website does a lot of the hard work for me in the way I’m presenting myself. It’s like having a little head-start with every customer.

Was your website redesign worth the investment?

Oh, a million percent. At some point down the line, when it’s time for a refresh I’ll be coming back to Sophie! Not just for the output at the end of it, but for the whole experience, from start to finish.

If someone was on the fence about redesigning their website, what would be your advice to them?

I know it’s a massive investment. But trust me, it’s an investment that’s going to lead you to making more money. Booking more clients. Booking the right clients. Charging more, and overall just being more fulfilled in what you do. 

Your new site will give you the confidence to keep pushing yourself and get you out of that rut that you may find yourself in (like I did!) 

Think it’s time for a change? Get started with Mila, or get in touch today for a non-businessy chat

If you love the way Danny’s website looks and flows, I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll love the Mila template. With an elegant, uncluttered design, modern fonts, and an intuitive functionality, I designed Mila to feel inviting. To grab attention, and hold it. 

And as with all Showit templates, Mila can be fully customised to make it your own. Add links, galleries; change fonts, colours…think of Showit templates as the starting canvas, rather than the final product.

If you’re not savvy with a laptop (or you’d  prefer to just let me do it), one of the services I offer is Showit template customisation. Choose any Showit template (whether it’s one of mine or not!), and I’ll fully customise it to make it look, function and flow the way you like. 

If you’re interested in this, or in any of my branding or custom-build website services, get in touch today and let’s have a chat about how I can help. 


Is a website redesign worth the investment?

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