The Vision

In 2022, I was contacted by Reece Barker, owner of Illusion Laser Clinic. Reece had a very clear idea in mind for the type of brand he wanted to create, while bringing a unique experience to his customers undergoing laser treatments in the Dorset area.

Throughout the experience of working with Reece, I was so totally impressed with his passion for what he does, but also his attention to detail and desire to bring a creatively inspiring brand to life.

As soon as I heard about his vision for Illusion Laser Clinic, I was thrilled to be on board – curating a brand that would feel sophisticated, timeless, and also approachable.

The Concept

The Final Brand

The branding for Illusion Laser Clinic strikes a balance between form and function. Using the simplicity of the font face to create a simple submark logo that can work across various parts of the clinic, and also equally work well in digital and print.

A look inside…

All photos by Oliver Smith Photography

The Interior Design

KTM Design really took the interior design of Illusion Laser Clinic to the next level. Here’s what they said about the process:

KTM Design was given the opportunity to design a new aesthetic clinic, Illusion Clinic.

A well-thought-out lighting design with a backlit blue marble reception desk and strategically placed accent lights creates a soothing and calming atmosphere.

The rippled mirrors and textured marble surfaces add an element of visual interest, whilst the use of dark corroded metal brings an edgy and sophisticated feel. The design of Illusion Clinic aims to create a unique and immersive experience for clients, whilst also promoting a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.”

The Outcome

Here’s what owner Reece Barker had to say about the experience of working with Sophie Amelia Designs to bring his vision for Illusion Laser Clinic to life…


Photos – Oliver Smith Photography

Branding Design – Sophie Amelia Designs

Interior Design – KTM Design

Client – Illusion Laser Clinic


Branding Design for Illusion Laser Clinic