Custom branding + Website design

"I've always wanted a website and brand that feels like I'm there with you, filled with passion, emotion and joy, and the dream has come true!

What a journey it's been. Hundreds of emails and zoom calls, thousands of words and WhatsApps, it's taken an enormous amount of work. I can't believe what started off as a mood-board filled with crazy colour, cool albums and funky shapes, is now this epic site that couldn't be more 'me'.

Transforming my identity is Sophie Amelia Designs. We share the same passion, ethics and love for what we do. There isn't a more caring, driven, unique and brilliant designer I could have worked with. We've become so close despite living hundreds of miles apart, and I'm so incredibly proud and grateful for what she has created for me.

For any small, passionate business owner - Sophie is THE ONE!!!"

Hamish Irvine Photographer

The Brand

What Hamish said of the experience:

The Pain Point

Hamish is full of personality and his FUN approach to life is contagious. However, his old branding and website design simply did not reflect his style of photography, but also the quality of his work and the types of couples he wanted to appeal too. He had managed to design himself a Wordpress website but it was more of an 'it'll do' website than a 'it's doing incredible' one. It was certainly time for change...

The Success Story

Fun, Modern, Colourful

Main Logo

Hamish's new brand & websites' success was evidenced in the response from his couples. With this new look and feel, he was confidently able to put his prices up and charge what he was worth, but also offer upscale packages that would attract his ideal clients. His love and enthusiasm for his branding has increased, his enquiries have gone up, his instagram game has got better, he's just absolutely smashing it!

Logo Marque

Angela Archer, Tea & Copy - creative copywriting

"If you get the chance to work with Sophie, you definitely should!"

Aimee joy photography

"Sophie is full of life and love for both people and her work"

Diana Saxby, Grace the Day Celebrant

"Sophie's communications were always upbeat and friendly"