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Showit templates – beauty doesn’t have to be expensive

Finding a website you love is tricky, isn’t it? You want something beautiful that gets your personality across, suits your style and functions perfectly. And unless you can afford a custom-built site, all that can feel like a pipe dream. But functional beauty doesn’t have to be expensive. With Showit templates, you can have a professional, sleek, truly beautiful site without having to shell out for a custom build. 

As both a Showit Design Partner and a custom website designer, I’ve lovingly crafted a few Showit templates of my own. Feel free to browse around my shop to see if any of them are love at first sight. But if not, don’t worry. There are hundreds of other gorgeous Showit templates available. Each with its own style, flow and functionality. Whatever your budget or vision, there’ll be a Showit template to match.

But there are loads of website platforms that have templates. So why should you choose Showit? Because simply put, it’s awesome. And not just because it has the most beautiful templates (if I do say so myself!) But because it just feels effortless. It’s easy, it’s intuitive. And the opportunities to customise the templates are virtually limitless. There really is no downside. But in case you’re still on the fence, here are 7 reasons why Showit is the best website design platform there is.

1. Showit is the most user friendly website design platform

However good (or not-so-good!) you are with computers, Showit is an absolute dream to work with. As a no coding website design platform, Showit is all drag and drop. There’s no better way to put it: everything is where you’d want it to be. All the menus and options are simple, clear, and incredibly intuitive. So you can spend less time working out how to do things and more time getting creative!

And most of the Showit templates also come with loads of cool, swish-looking features built in. Like scrolling galleries, or contact forms that link automatically to your email. So even if you just keep the template as it is without customising it, your site will look super slick and insanely professional in no time.

2. The Showit support is amazing

So let’s be fair. At the end of the day, you’re still building a website. And there’ll always be things you don’t know how to do. But with Showit, you’re never left pulling your hair out trying to work out how to do something. When you buy a Showit template, you get an instructional video that helps you master the basics. And they’ve got a YouTube channel as well with more in-depth stuff for when you get confident.

And here’s the best part. If you have any questions or problems, you can click the chat button and get swift help from the amazing, insanely patient Showit support team. That support comes with part of your Showit subscription too. So even after you’ve finished your design and published your shiny new site, they’re always there to help.

3. Showit has all the best website templates for photographers and creatives

If you’re in a visually creative industry, your website needs to look beautiful. Because whether you’re a photographer, a florist, a designer or wherever, making things look beautiful is your job! And whether you like it or not, potential clients will judge you on how your website looks.

Showit was originally designed for photographers. And it’s that deep-rooted attention to aesthetics that make it such a popular website platform for people in the creative industries. Some cheaper templates are pretty basic and need a bit of customising. Others are stunningly elegant straight off the bat. 

My templates were designed specifically with photographers and creatives in mind, offering clean, uncluttered designs and an instantly recognisable aesthetic. 

Showit templates for photographers
If you’re on Squarespace, Wix or WordPress, your life’s about to change! Here’s 7 reasons why Showit is the best website design platform.

I wanted ALBA to strike a delicate balance of form and function. Its framework is modern, light and elegant. Ideal for more fine-art photographers who want to attract like-minded souls and clients to your work.

LOIC is bold, sleek and confident, designed with photographers, videographers and brand specialists in mind. Perfect if you have more of a distinctive, editorial photography style, and want a website as unique and stylish as your work.

4. You can keep updating your site with all your best work

Showit allows your website to be as current and strong as your Instagram grid, and that alone can be a game-changer. You have complete autonomy to update your website quickly and immediately whenever you please. You can update copy, photos and prices as your business grows, and make it live on your site straight away. 

No asking your designer to change things, no paying a coder to update something. You just log onto your platform and do it all yourself with a few clicks. 

Just imagine being able to continually update your website with your best work! You’ve just taken the best photo of your life and you can immediately make it the hero shot on your Home Page. You’ve just made the best floral arrangement this world has ever seen, and it can go straight to the top of your Portfolio. As I said, absolute game-changer.

5. Showit’s design platform makes it really easy to boost your SEO

You could have the best looking website in the world, but it won’t make a difference if no one ever sees it! The Showit website design platform is completely geared towards supercharging your SEO. 

The menu is set up to help you assign your crucial H1, H2 and H3 headings quickly and easily. Just select a text box and choose between ‘Title’, ‘Heading’, ‘Subheading’ and ‘Paragraph’ and start putting in those keywords! Each page also has a dedicated menu section for the deeper SEO details (helpfully named ‘SEO settings’). So you can easily add titles and meta descriptions for each page to help Google index. And whenever you select an image, there’s a pop up menu for your alt tag and image description. 

If you’re feeling clever you can even change the URL slugs. So if you’re starting a brand new website you can include keywords in your slugs. Or if you’re migrating over from your old site, you can match the slugs to your old URLs so you don’t break all those hard-earned links. 

6. WordPress and Showit are best friends

WordPress is a quagmire of a website design platform. But when it comes to blogging, it’s undefeated. And this is one massive tick in the win column for Showit. Because your Showit website will be automatically linked to your WordPress blog, combining the blogging power of WordPress with the aesthetics and simplicity of Showit.

So how does it actually work? The Showit design platform has a blog section where you can customise how you want your blog page to look. You then create your blog as normal on WordPress and when you hit post, it’ll upload onto your site into the blog template you built in Showit. Amazing, right?

And if you already have a WordPress blog, you can migrate up to 50 blogs across to your new site. So you don’t have to redo them all or lose them completely. And if you’re keeping the same domain name, the blogs will keep their URLs. So your SEO comes out unscathed.

7. You get infinitely customisable website templates 

OK, so let’s finish with the big one. This is by far my favourite thing about Showit, and the thing that makes it the best website design platform there is. The templates are infinitely customisable. 

You can customise your template as much as you want to make it look, flow and function just how you want it to. You can add all your own fonts, logos, colours and branding to make it uniquely yours. Make things bigger or smaller, insert links or galleries, move whole chunks up and down, all with just a few clicks. You can even design the mobile and desktop sites separately in case you want them to look or function differently. 

And it’s this opportunity to customise that makes Showit so popular with photographers, florists, designers and all sorts of other creatives. Because it’s your style and creative flair that sets you apart. And with Showit, you can create a truly special, unique website that celebrates your style, adds value to your brand and makes you stand out from the competition.

My customised Showit templates service

As a custom website designer, I love to build websites from scratch. But I also understand that it might not be the right time for you to invest in a custom build. Or maybe you’d like to customise your Showit template but you simply don’t have the time. 

That’s why I offer a Showit customisation service to give you a happy middle ground. You choose your Showit template (it doesn’t have to be one of mine, but it would be nice if it was!) and I’ll customise it to give you a completely unique website. I’ll add your logos and fonts to make it cohesive with your branding, I’ll arrange it to look, flow and function how you like. As a Showit Design Partner, your website will be in the safest of hands, and we’ll work together to create a website you’ll be genuinely proud to send your customers to. 

If you’re interested in my Showit customisation service, I’d love to chat with you. Please get in touch today and let’s talk about your dream website! If you’re interested in having a look through my Showit templates, have a little browse around my template shop.


7 reasons why Showit is the best website platform

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